Week 8: Left Out in the Cold

Hananah abandoned me this week.

Ok, not really. She just had, dare I say it, something else to do other than talk to me all day. Hananah performs in plays in Dubai, and she had a play to prepare for and perform this week.

I, on the other hand, have been stuck in the house during the worst ice storm in Nashville since 1994. We never lost electricity, but parts of the Nashville area did. I’m post-traumatic from 1994 when my father and I were the only two at the house (my mother had gone to Florida to visit her mother; remind me to tell you about how my mother is an evil genius), and our house lost power for a week. I slept under a mound of blankets, and my father grilled pizza on charcoal.

Fortunately, I have had power all week this time that Nashville was crystalized. Behold these magnolia leaves in my backyard for perspective.


And I have had to face just how much Hananah is a part of my motivation. My energy for writing. When she’s not there, I’m deflated. What is it about our friendship that is so motivating? Really, it’s just the discussion of writing, even if the discussion is nothing new. Even if we have said all of the same things before – “we can do this” and “we just have to work” and “I’m working on a story now.”

I am working on a story, a revision. I decree that this revision is number 5 in my Bradbury march. I haven’t been able to tell her this yet, though.

“Hey Han! I’m revising the Shirley story.”

(Remind me to tell you about how I call Hananah, “Han.”)

And, the fact that I can say to her “The Shirley story” and that she will know what I’m talking about is the point. The entire point.

She performed her play last night to an audience that loved it. Now, give her back, please, Dubai. Much obliged.

While I wait for her to rest up and get back to talking to me all day, I do have something else to do. Last night, the truck slid down a patch of ice. Into the ditch. Please excuse me while I go get it out of the mud. (Cue ice storm getting the last laugh.)

TruckinMud TruckOnIce1

Ok. Ok. We went sledding this week, and it was pretty fun. Here are my kids having the last laugh. The way it should be.



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