Lipstick Junkies Expand

Okay, Hananah (& K.K.).  Challenge Accepted.

Who better to ask to join the challenge than a poet who works in the beauty industry?

Ever since my dear friend Hananah (Banana) asked me to be a guest blogger (a mere four months ago), I thought to myself: sure, as soon as I have some free time. Time. That dreaded abyss that we are constantly excusing ourselves with. But as Mercury Retrograde has closed, and took the functionality of my television and sanity with it, it seems I’m forced to make the most of my time now that I don’t have television fodder to distract me. It’s time to get started. Rather, continue on.

I love structure. I’ve done a 30/30 before. I’ve produced a poem a day for 30 days with some potential coming out of that pile of work. The process was challenging and invigorating and productive. So why not join this challenge with friends, especially if “Lipstick” is involved in the title?

This time is different. A week ago I sat down the week after I said I’d join and for two hours sat at my normal writing spot and I was blank. For the first time in a long time, blank. I’m used to writing and producing something, even if it’s lacking. But absolutely blank, that’s a new one for me. Life had gone and gotten in the way. Between my two full-time jobs, my healing process, trying to sell a cabin,  Mercury Retrograde and the mess it made this time around, and blah blah blah…these are excuses. Do not give in to them. These are excuses.

We all have lives. We all have circumstances that morph into large obstacles. The test is whether it stops us from writing or propels us to continue writing. We all have therapists. And they are necessary and expensive, but I have been reminded in the last month that the work is where I go in times like this. The work is therapy. The work is what makes us spend a$25 Amazon gift card on books as opposed to a working iron that you have been living without for six months. I mean, who needs ironed clothes? Wrinkles are cool.

I’m reminded at this particular moment of the wise words spoken by poet Vievee Francis, “You have to write your moment.” This is my moment. Draft 1 completed.  This is our moment. Challenge accepted ladies!

Current Lipstick Obsession: Kat Von D, “Underage Red” Lip Stain



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