Week 51: Is the the Last Movement?

“Get your work done. If that doesn’t work, shut up and drink your gin.”

-Ray Bradbury


K.K tweeted this at me recently. I think she has been frustrated that I just won’t get my work done. I am not sure, but I have a hunch. She is now having to resort to all kinds of things like “How can we get you to…” and “We need to help you…”

That “we” though, that is key. That is it. It is everything.

Let me rewind a little.

When I conceived of this challenge I had, as usual, grand expectations for myself. Imagine ending up with 52 short story drafts, I told myself. Imagine that, I told KK. Imagine!

Now imagine what kind of person  actually thinks that it would happen.  That kind of person probably jumps in head first into every thing and learns later.  Heart in, no shield. Take me, O life, kind of thing. That kind of person senses something, a tingle in the fingertips, a half-baked vague idea and a feeling, and yep, there I…er…I mean, they….go.

I think I was picking out titles for collections at one point.

Fifty two stories have not happened (big surprise there) but the experiment has been a massive success.   Not only has it been good practice in terms of creating deadlines for myself, but it has also been a year of learning to navigate challenges, in life and writing, and having a place to return. n fact, this has become a place I HAVE TO return to, a barometer, a check, a safe space. This project and I have become a “we.” There is  this thing here, this block of practice and frustration and successes and failures, something that should have been just an exercise but is now a form of discipline. And besides, it’s not unusual for me to experience my own thoughts or feeling from the outside. I often find myself in reflection of what is going on with me by way of reactions from others. And the unsaid reaction I get from a missing post for a week…well…that does wonders.

KK, the other part of the “we” visits me next week  (!!!) It’s kind of befitting that we close out this year together.

Maybe we sit down and think of something else to do.

Maybe we continue this.

Maybe, this morphs into something else.  Hmmmmm

Maybe we just shut up and write.

Hey, wait a minute, it seems like I have ended up in some sort of mysterious land where I am making a new years resolution without making one. That’s tricky, Mind. Quit that.  I don’t do resolutions, I just do impulse.



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