A Diet of Lightning

“You’re gonna eat lightning, and you’re gonna crap thunder!” – Mickey from Rocky

Hananah and I work well together. We discovered this in 2014 at the Kenyon Writers Workshop, a conference where you actually write while you are there, unlike, um…, the rest of them? (I realize there’s probably another one, but what does it mean that I don’t know it? Note: my being poorly educated is an acceptable answer.)

We can actually sit in a room together, both typing furiously on our laptops in our laps, and not interrupt the mojo. But having each other in the room means we can stop typing, say, “listen to this real quick,” and read something off. The other one will suggest a different word for an awkward one, and we will turn our heads back to our computers. We brainstorm very well together in person, so of course while I was in Dubai visiting her over New Years, we discussed where to take this blog.

We love doing it; even though the experiment last year failed, meaning we didn’t come close to producing 52 short stories in one year, it did cause us to produce. For me, the project directly led me to my current project that I’m still busy writing. We knew we wanted another direction to provide focus. We threw around a lot of ideas, but the initial idea was so fun, it was hard to be excited about anything else. But 52 full stories in a year? One a week? Dare we attempt it again?

Yes. Yes, we do. But this time, we do it flashier.

We call this year “The Lightning Round.” This has double meaning. Literally, we have decided that we will attempt a flash fiction piece every week. (Get it?) This is reasonable. This could actually work.

But also, lightning is fire at its fullest charge. We want that, that charge. Like Rocky, we want to eat lightning, and we want to crap thunder. And we want to enjoy the journey through this blog.

And it doesn’t hurt that we started the year off together with some flash.

My view of the fireworks this year:

Dubai Fireworks on the Palm


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