So…what’s up?

How you been? Cool, cool.  Yeah, me too.  Sooooo…..

I got news, good and bad.

The bad news is that we are no longer attempting a story a week. Lessons learned include:

  • When something is called the impossible, it usually is.
  • It is possible to write a whole lot of shit in a year.
  • A lot of you thought K.K and I were insane. (Why didn’t anyone tell us before?)
  • I am very impulsive.
  • It is tiring to write that goddamn much.
  • Therefore, there will be no more frantic and frustrated chronicling of the challenge, our own little apprenticeship.

But, here’s the thing.  While the thing was going on, I wrote.  A lot.  By writing a lot, I mean, a lot.  Just words upon words. Enough that I convinced myself that this was going so well that I should probably quit my job and become, you know, like, a writer (see bullet point about being impulsive). But the truth is,I did manage to reach a place that I don’t think I had before been despite my daydreams and imaginations to the contrary: I had not learned how to work hard yet.  I am not even sure I was ready for where the experience brought me, but here I am a year later, writing pretty much every day and solidly working on a collection.  Like for realz.

What the challenge did for my writing process has been interesting as well.  K.K always likens us to the hare and the tortoise: She was always more methodical, taking care, crafting slowly; I, on the other hand, would not write for days, and then some mad rush of energy would sit me down at the computer for a week straight and push out a story.  As a result, at Kenyon Writer’s Workshop this summer, where the short story challenge should have technically helped me seeing as I had a years’ worth of experience of pushing myself, I ended up wanting to sit and think about stories instead of generating crazy amounts of work.   All helpful, ultimately, but when you are someone who races even against ones self, not exactly relaxing.

So, since the actual writer in me seems to have gotten her shit together, I am now in permanent misery which, yes, is the good news.  The good news is also the building of a collection, very, very, very, slowly. Patience is not a super familiar concept for me so I suspect that my challenge with this project will be even more personal than the last.

The exciting thing, though, is that having had to read and write so many stories between us, that K.K and I have both rediscovered our love for editing and are having a hell of a time at Four Way Review. We are reading, we are writing, we are being fricking mindful: The Lipstickjunkies are back on track, ya’ll.




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